Typical Eye Problems in Children

Typical eye problems in children

During a child’s regular check-up, their doctors of pediatrician would examine the child’s eyes. Children may face several eye problems and these would include Strabismus (turned eye), Chalazion (small swelling of the eyelid), amblyopia (lazy eye), Epiphora (blocked tear duct), and refractive error which would lead to the child needing strong glasses in early childhood. If you have reasons for concern, do not hesitate to visit the family doctor or pediatrician at a trusted clinic, such as Mont Kiara Children’s clinic, Hibari clinic.


Strabismus is also referred to as crossed eyes, squint, lazy eyes or turned eyes.

This is the condition where the condition where the eyes point in different directions. One eye may be pointing forward, whereas the other may be pointing up or down. This condition may be present at childbirth or  later on during the child’s development. The vision in the turned eye would be impaired and treatment may include eye exercises, surgery, patching or glasses.

The treatment would eventually improve the eye’s appearance, and vision


This is as a result of gland blockage in the upper or lower eyelid, which would lead to swelling. It can also cause redness and the release of yellow liquid. A child with Chalazion would receive treatment recommended by an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) and should take up to three or four months of recovery. This condition would only affect a child’s vision only if it is too big.


If one eye sees less than the other, it would result in it becoming a lazy eye. This is commonly caused by strabismus, or refractive error (need for glasses). Amblyopia is best treated at an early age, as it would become more difficult to treat when the child is older. At an older age, the child may have permanent vision loss. Treatment may include, wearing glasses, patching, surgery or eye drops.


This is also known as watering eyes or blocked tear duct or excessive tearing and this happens when the duct that drains tears from the eyes get blocked. Medical treatment for this condition would include tear sac massage, eye drops or surgery if the tearing continues