Mobile Apps 101: The Little, Big Details

Every Detail Is Important

Your mobile app’s success would depend on lots of factors. The most important aspect, is of course, user experience. If you deliver an amazing UX, your platform will definitely stand out from the rest of the competition.

When it comes to designing apps for mobile user experience, following the best practices would be the most solid avenue. Remember, even the smallest details are important.

Empty States

Designing for an empty state is a crucial moment. This is because even if it’s meant to be for a temporary stage, it should function as a natural aspect of your app. An empty state is more than just mere decoration. It can also act as a part of onboarding, or helping hand for users.

Skeleton Screens

Loading speed is essential, most especially for the most impatient users. If you can’t make everything faster, at least make the wait a lot more pleasant for them. Keep them engaged by so-called temporary information containers like image placeholders and skeleton screens.

Splash Screen

A successful app doesn’t make customers wait. But, you can’t just escape time-consuming initial setup phases. How can you optimize? Make use of the splash screen. This can solve the waiting issue. It gives people a short, vital window to engage people.

Animated Feedback

App designers should strive for great interaction in the app, which in turn will deliver great feedback. Users expect this same level of responsiveness from the elements. You can make them feel in control through visual feedback.