How to Wear a Watch?

Are you planning to buy that sweet automatic watch from Ciga Design? Or perhaps, you are saving up to buy a Rolex or Patek Philippe timepiece?

Whatever the case may be, there is this question that still plagues wearers of wristwatches to this day: How exactly does one wear a watch?

Well, if you are interested to know, I will be providing you with some general guidelines in this article, so do read until the end to find out.

Wear It Where It’s Comfortable

When you look at tradition and how watches are worn through the years, you will see that people tend to wear their watches on the left wrist. The idea behind this tradition is that you should be wearing your timepiece on the non-dominant hand and since most people are right-handed, it just makes sense to put the watch on the left wrist. Well, for a time, this was the case, but watch aficionados say to hell with tradition.

It is important that you are comfortable wearing a watch and this means that you can wear the watch on either wrist so long as you are comfortable. In fact, you can even don your timepiece on your dominant hand if you feel that it serves you more than anything else.

How Tight Should Your Watch Be?

This is another popular question that people ask and the answer is actually quite simple: Just tight enough.
When wearing a watch, it should be tight enough that it won’t move about but it shouldn’t be too tight that it will leave a mark after removing the timepiece from your wrist.

If you have a metal watchband, it is important that you go for the looser configuration. What I mean is that the watch should still fit snugly in place but since you cannot really fine-tune the tightness of the watch that will conform perfectly on your wrist, choose the looser configuration.

Match the Color of the Strap to the Occasion

The watch’s strap is one of the most important things that you have to consider when buying a timepiece. That is because aside from the main watch case, the strap can also be visibly seen which means that how it looks can influence your style.

That being said, you should match the color (and material) of the strap based on the occasion. Leather straps are safe to wear on both formal and casual events, though it definitely looks great if you are wearing it in a corporate event.

As for the watches themselves, it is important to be wearing the right type of watch based on the event that you are attending. Dress watches are always great for formal events but may look odd when paired with loose casual clothes.

Now, you might have seen some Bond films before and are thinking of buying a dive watch for formal events. Do not do this! The chunky watch face of a typical dive watch will NOT complement your look and would instead look odd on you. Stick to dress watches for formal events.