How to Do a Social Media Audit?

Are you looking for quality social media services in Malaysia? Make sure to hire experienced professionals who can help you implement an efficient social media audit. This process is crucial for your long-term success in the digital landscape. With good planning, you can accomplish this in less than 15 minutes.

Begin by analyzing your own social media profiles and pages.

  • Create a list of each social media page or profile managed by your brand.
  • Check if these pages and profiles come with the right details, conveying your business’ main message.
  • Check all the images connected with your social media page or profile. All of these photos must remain consistent with your brand.
  • Monitor your progress by consulting your goals. Compare them to your performance in the last one to three years.

Then, analyze influencers and competitors.

  • Check the accounts of your competitors. If they are getting good results, check if you can replicate their strategy.
  • Observe the performance of some influencers in your niche. Study their strategy. See how they manage their social media accounts, and their branding online.
  • Observe how influencers and competitors utilize imagery on their social profiles. See how these imageries are helping their branding efforts.
  • Check how many fans and followers they have. How much are they gaining as the weeks and months progress?