How Influencers Changed Traditional Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate marketing has been around for so many years now and it has made a lot of
major strides and changes over time.

Since the rise of social media and because of the availability of powerful and capable
smartphones and tablets, more and more people are now being influenced by these so-
called social media influencers.

In fact, they have made so much impact that they have changed the way affiliate
marketing is done in this day and age, thanks in large part to influencer marketing.

Today, I am going to talk about how influencers have changed the landscape of affiliate
marketing as we used to know it.


What makes influencers, well, influential, is the fact that they use trust as their core
concept. The reason why they have amassed a loyal following is due to the fact that
they hold honesty as one of their core tenets.

Relationships are often built on trust and if these influencers share, promote, or even
talk about certain products, their audience is listening.

They typically do not use traditional sales tactics where they use psychological means
of convincing people such as telling them that if they do not buy something that they will
trigger their fear of missing out (popularly known as FOMO).

However, for the most part, influencers hold so much ground that any product they
endorse will surely be greatly considered by their audience.

Why Influencers Are Effective Affiliates

Truth be told, influencers are actually amazing affiliates. Because they’ve built their
massive following based on trust, they can employ certain affiliate marketing strategies
that will help them gain commissions.

Actually, you can think of influencer marketing as a branch of affiliate marketing, simply
because it also takes a lot of time to build a loyal following.

And, influencers know that if they provide high-quality content frequently, the less that
their audience can do is to help them out in any way they can. This may mean that they
buy products from their affiliate links to help support their favorite influencers.

Teaming Up with Influencers is a Good Idea

When you really think about it, social media influencers can actually be great partners in
your affiliate marketing endeavor. You see, anything that they say about a certain
product will act as an endorsement, a call-to-action, and a product review. That is why
teaming up with influencers is a good idea if you want to get increased sales.

This is more true if you partner up with social media influencers that have a solid footing
in your chosen industry, especially those that have amassed a loyal following through
the years.

Remember that every time an influencer speaks, their audience listens. Think of it as a
voice of authority.

They Have Larger Audiences to Begin With

The reason why influencer marketing has become quite popular in recent years is due
to the fact that influencers have already amassed a lot of loyal followers. That being
said, you should think about teaming up with certain influencers if you want to improve
your success in affiliate marketing.