Good Reasons Why Men Should Still Wear a Watch

A lot of people nowadays use smartphones for a lot of things; one of which is to tell the time. Because of the convenience of having an all-in-one device, a lot of people do not really wear a watch anymore because, to them, it is just another added expense. But, I would argue that you still need to wear a watch. Whether it is an analog watch or a digital one, they will always have a place on your wrist. In today’s article, I will cite good reasons why men should still wear a watch to this day.

Watches Add Style

Watches, believe it or not, actually add style to your outfit. In fact, they can be a good complement to your OOTD. Of course, you will need to buy a watch that actually fits your wrist and because there are already watches that have interchangeable bands, you can put a particular strap on that will complement your style.

They Can Be a Great Conversation Starter

Women are especially particular about the things that you put on your body. Why do you let girls have all the fun when it comes to accessories, right? Truth be told, men really do not have a lot of choices when it comes to accessories, so you’ve got to make sure that you maximize the things that you can. Wearing a pretty good watch- one that actually fits you really well- can be a great conversation starter. Perhaps, the woman will fire some compliments your way.

It Helps You Get Your Mind Off of Your Phone

In a world where people are reliant on their smartphones, you can easily get distracted from the things that you really need to do. Even if you just use your phone as a means to tell the time can compel you to do something else with it. Telling the time is actually an important thing because you want to be on schedule. And, a good wristwatch can provide you that benefit without requiring you to whip out your phone just to do the same.

Women Notice It

Us guys, we rarely notice body language or the things that people wear, especially their accessories. But, women are especially fond of looking at what you are actually wearing. If they see that you are not wearing matching belts and shoes, they will criticize you for your bad taste in style. In fact, if you are not wearing a timepiece, that can blow your chances in getting a woman’s no. as well. Having a nice watch on your wrist, especially one that fits the situation, can add some style points and will make the women around you more interested in you.

Go Automatic

Ever seen a watch where its second-hand has a smooth sweeping motion? That is a mechanical watch, particularly an automatic watch at that. It doesn’t require a battery to run, but it does have a mainspring and a rotor that keeps the mechanism going, so long as you are wearing the watch and actively moving about. You do not have to worry about batteries anymore and all you need to do is have the watch serviced from time to time to keep it in tip-top shape. Automatic watches are great for people who do not need to worry about having the battery replaced.