Good Design Characteristics and Types 

There are lots and bunches of design type. It has been a crucial part in art, architecture, even in the designation of something. A creative process usually would not been whole without this aspect. 


One Of The Design Is Graphic Design 

Graphic design is one of the popular ways used nowadays to deliver something be it event invitations, announcements, conveying one’s words, and product marketing and other purposes.


Good Graphic Design Features

Actually, there are some criteria to measure whether that particular website is a good sign or not. It can be used as a good or measurement. Therefore, let’s see what is the criteria down below okay:


After reading several articles and seeing much more designs day by day, I agree with the opinion that the features of good visual design involve include:


  • Readability. 

First and foremost, a good design does not actually have to challenge the human brain to read it but instead makes them understand what is being conveyed in the shortest possible time when looking at the resulting design. Having a text font with a readable design size and layout can generate more visitors interested in what is being promoted whether it is a product or event or an announcement.

  • Use of Images. 

Second characteristics of a good design is the design visuals, drawings and drawings used should be appropriate for the target reader and the purpose for which the design was produced. Simple but many people find it hard to describe.

  • Use of color.

In a design, whether it is a shirt/fashion design, a mix-match of clothes and accessories, even a home interior design, it is highly discouraged to use various colors from incompatible patterns. Same with graphic design. The colors used should be appropriate to the theme, for example environment and health use blue and green, children’s activities use soft colors while the corporate design should use colors that match the image to be highlighted. Even in a Malaysia website design company practice this stuff. So of course, let’s implement these in the design. 

  • Functional

Fourth characteristic of good design is functionality. This should be the most basic quality of good design, but it is frequently the most difficult to achieve. Apple creates beautiful products, but their real success comes from making easy-to-use hardware and software that outperforms the competition.


  • Well Crafted Design 

Then, architects aren’t the ones who build things. Our influence over the quality of a building’s construction is restricted to a set of instructions we supply. The workers who will actually construct it have little to no contact with the architect. This means that our instructions must be accurate and, more importantly, simple to comprehend.


  • Affordably priced

This is one of the most difficult tasks for designers. The reason is pretty obvious. Waiting for the phone to ring is how most architects obtain clients. Someone who has money, land, and a good concept and wants our help. This customer category makes up nearly all of an architect’s clientele, although representing a small part of society.


It is more challenging to design a website that is inexpensive. It necessitates the designer’s entrepreneurial skills. An initial investment to develop a cost-effective solution for the general public. Now that we’ve talked about decent design, how about great design? It’s more difficult to quantify great design. There isn’t likely to be one.