Choosing the Right Watch

Choosing the perfect watch that will complement every outfit can be challenging. There are quite a lot of things to consider. One of the most important things you must consider is watch sizing. The watch industry has given birth to different types of watches as a result of innovation and modification. Some of them are simple, some are sophisticated and versatile. Are you looking for women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia? Below are some of the options you can consider.

1. Analog watch

An analog watch has two hands that point to the minutes and hands. Wearing this type of watch is very much suitable for formal outings and business conferences.

2. Digital watch

Digital watches show the date and time numerical forms. Owning this is really a jump away from the traditional. This watch is designed to be worn on casual events, but it doesn’t mean that it is boring and basic. It has a lot of amazing features such as a GPS, thermometer, calculate rand compass.

3. Pilot watches

Pilot watches are icons of the aviation industry. This type of watch was first developed in the 1900s as timekeeping devices for pilots. It has a distinct, firm style that even non-pilots would admire. They are quite big, and can be worn in formal business events.

4. Leather-strap watch

Leather-strap watches represent elegance well. If you are attending a black-tie occasion or any formal event, this is the right kind of watch to wear. While it is versatile enough to be worn with jeans and t-shirt, it’s main purpose is to be a companion on classy events, and deliver subtle sophistication.

5. Sports watches

Sports watches are lightweight and are made to withstand tons of pressure. This is the timepiece you must wear if you want to go diving, and try extreme sports. Usually, it is the rotating bezel that allows divers to know how long he has been under the water. Just like digital watches, they are modern and inexpensive, and are top favorites for casual occasions.