Buying the Best Automatic Watch

1. Material

Are you thinking of getting an expensive automatic watch? Well, you are lucky because you can
get a pure diamond or gold one. Just get it from a reputable, authorized timepiece retailer. If you
are operating on a small budget, the best decision is to go for a stainless-steel watch. There are
tons of watch brands out there that offers attractive and simple timepieces.

2. Brand

Not all of us are brand conscious, but when buying watches, it’s crucial to contemplate on the
right brand. If you have lots of money to spend, Rolex is the best brand to turn to. For those
looking for every day, casual watches, go for Casio or Timex.

3. Scratch resistance

If you want your automatic watch to last longer, choose one with a Sapphire glass. It looks great,
and helps resist unintentional scratches.

4. Waterproof and watch resistance

Your first ever automatic watch should be waterproof, and water resistant for at least 50 meters
deep. That feature is suitable for diving and swimming. Even if you are not a professional diver,
it’s important to get a waterproof timepiece in order to protect all of its internal parts from rust.

5. Warrant card

Buying an automatic and mechanical watches in Malaysia can be stressful and overwhelming.
These timepieces are quite complex, so you need all the help that you can get when it comes to
buying and taking care of one. Make sure to go to a reputable seller who will provide you with a
warranty card, covering 6 to 12 months. At some point, your watch’s internal parts would need
repair. You need someone who can help you fix it properly.

6. Power reserve of 18 to 28 hours

The best automatic timepiece should save its mainspring power for a minimum of 18 to 28 hours.
However, there are some that can save power up to 48 hours.