Bitcoin Wallet Explained

Are you using Bitcoin while playing online casino games in the best online casino in Thailand? Then you might need a Bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin wallet is a Bitcoin processing software program. Bitcoin transactions operate peer-to-peer as a virtual currency and it is not governed by any state or authority. Users can use web or software-based wallets to send and receive Bitcoins online. Bitcoins can be used on any Bitcoin payment platform, even online casinos.

You are setting up a bitcoin wallet, purchasing bitcoin digitally and then using it to make a deposit at any online casino that accepts this digital currency as an alternative for payment so you can continue playing your online slot games.

What’s a Wallet of Bitcoin?

In order to make deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin, users must first choose a’ wallet’ that operates like a Bitcoin bank account: wallets allow users to receive, store and send bitcoins to other parties. Most Bitcoin wallet software is available on multiple platforms, so having wallet apps that are compatible with both Windows, Mac OS, and Linux desktop environments, including mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, is not rare. There are four major wallet types:

    1. Desktop wallets: are installed on a desktop computer and give the user complete control over the wallet-you create a Bitcoin address for sending and receiving Bitcoins
    2. Mobile Wallets: paid apps with the same functions as a desktop wallet on your phone.
    3. Web wallets: these allow you to use Bitcoins on any browser or mobile device from anywhere.
    4. Physical wallets: store Bitcoins on hardware, normally attached via a USB port to a device. These are selected for added safety.

Bitcoin accounts are managed using public and private “keys,” long strings of numbers and letters linked through the process for mathematical authentication used to construct them. Those’ keys’ will be kept in the wallet and used to pay online. Bitcoins are sent using the recipient’s “username,” and they will provide you with an email in the case of an online casino to send bitcoins and then apply the number to your account balance.

Spending with Bitcoin Wallet

  • Start by downloading from a page like or Coinbase a Bitcoin wallet. Provide some basic information, and in a few minutes you can open one.
  • Purchase Bitcoin on a Bitcoin exchange using your bank account or debit card
  • The Bitcoins will then be credited to your wallet.
  • Spend them at an online gambling

Protection is important to hackers as Bitcoin wallets are high-value targets. Save your desktop and mobile wallets as wallet code problems on your computer or mobile device could delete your holdings.

3 Bitcoin Wallets for Online Gambling A wide range of wallets are available and the right choice for you depends on how you want to access your Bitcoin and what protection interest you put on it.

    1. Coinbase: Coinbase is a popular exchange enabling users to buy and sell bitcoin in 32 countries around the world. It’s simple, comfortable and safe.
    2. offers Bitcoin owners with iOS, Android and internet wallets, offering quick and convenient exposure to your Bitcoin across a variety of devices.
    3. Armory: Armory is a full-featured mobile wallet considered to be compliant with Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OSX for its focus on security and mobility.

Ideally, you want a safe and convenient user-friendly wallet. Bitcoin is just another way to pay from a gambling perspective.