7 Advantages of Mobile Apps Over Responsive E- Commerce Websites

In the year 2000s, businesses have spent a lot of their resources in creating highly-competitive e-commerce websites. Although these websites have all of the features that people might want or need, businesses nowadays should think about mobile app development.

Financial experts believe that the year 2017 has ushered the new era of mobile. That is thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, or even phablets. These mobile devices are equipped with enough power to run different applications-where applications are similar to programs that are installed on a computer. Mobile apps can certainly give a lot of advantages to both consumers and entrepreneurs and in this article, I will go over the advantages of having mobile apps over responsive e-commerce websites.

It is Much Faster

How fast can you open up a business website using your preferred mobile device? How fast can you fire up your mobile browser, input a specific URL you want to go to, and then wait for it to load? I know, those two extra steps aren’t exactly what you call ‘convenient’.

A mobile application can be a business’ direct gateway to its customers. Simply by just pressing the app’s icon and have it run, customers can easily engage with their preferred businesses and e-commerce platforms.

More Personalized Content

Most businesses nowadays should think about providing their customers with personalized content. By utilizing machine learning, entrepreneurs can have mobile app developers create an app for them that will allow their customers to see tailor-made recommendations that are based on historical data. Giving more personalized content is always preferred as this is something that can truly boost your sales.

Offline Access

The problem with e-commerce websites is that you will need an active internet connection for you to access it. Well, mobile applications would still require internet connectivity, especially if customers would buy from your store. However, you can actually incorporate some features that people can use offline, such as the ability to browse through your different categories, as well as other features.

Instant Updates

Back in the day, business owners would have to spend huge amounts of money just to let their potential customers know about their upcoming sales and promos. That is no longer the case today, especially if you have a business app. You see, by utilizing push notifications, your customers can get timely updates about your products, promotions, and other new services. This is all without having to fire up an application and it just means that just by having the app installed on the device, you can utilize push notifications without any problems.

Utilize Mobile Functionality

Mobile applications can make use of certain functionalities of mobile devices. For instance, when a user wants to zoom in on a product, they can just use pinch-to-zoom functionality that is already embedded on their devices. App developers can certainly add these functionalities at the behest of the business owners.

Increased Productivity

Your customers, as well as your staff, can improve your business processes by as much as 40% if you have a mobile application. And, since you no longer have to spend money on traditional forms of advertising, you could be saving as much as 50% as well.

Improves Your SEO

Look, even if you have a mobile application, if anything, it just helps improve your e- commerce website’s SEO as well. Since mobile traffic doesn’t care about how your customers reach your website, having a mobile application can just improve your online presence manifold.